Brunner Adi (Malwerkstatt Graz)

Adi Brunner is at first a painter, but occasionally he makes oil paintings on big canvas. His topic is the human being and especially the relationship between man and women. His stile is created through his soft lines, his colours his special viewpoint and his motives. Adi Brunner’s paintings are occasionally naked women and he tries to express the intense and complex emotions of human beings. The inspiration for his paintings are taken from real life meetings with other people, newspapers and most important his own fantasy. Furthermore it can be said that his paintings get a life on their own within the working process. Because of that his collection of paintings created over time shows his own viewpoint or model of the world.

2008 exhibition with in a group of the Malwerkstatt Graz.
(PDF Catalouge)
(mel contemporary 2008)